Wildlife Tree has been a long time animal education company, originally with live animal programs for kids. Over time we have shifted into a animal focused retail company that supports zoos, conservation organizations as well as animal education organizations. 

We focus on products that inspire kids to learn about animals, especially through pretend interactive play. When a child plays, they learn the most and feel the most connected. We can inspire behavior change in future generations by educating. 

Our animal ears and tails are Made in the USA and support local business in sunny southern California. Our plush stuffed animals are super soft and show realistic animal characteristics and are available over a broad range of animal species.

Why do we love animals so much? Well, it's just always been the case...

Owner Jenny Curtis has had a passion for animals her entire life and has always been on the forefront of exotic animal care. She has worked with veterinarians, zoos and education/conservation companies. She attended Moorpark College's Exotic Animal Training and Management Program/America's Teaching Zoo and continued to teach there are as faculty and staff. She started and ran an exotic animal education company and rescue in Central Florida, where they rescued and re-homed over 250 exotic animals (mostly from the illegal pet trade or domestic animal hoarding cases). 

Owner Josh Curtis loves all things tech. He wanted to help create passion in young minds using live video streaming and creating sharable social media stories. His passion for animals includes primates, snakes and cats.

We have two young conservationists who help inspire and create new product ideas everyday. Small but mighty.