Wildlife Guardians

GCF Rangers - Wildlife Heroes Risking It All

Global Conservation Force is a non-profit working to fight poaching and fight extinction of species around the world by training rangers and K9 partners to work together. Read more

Sustainable Living

6 Ways to Cut Down on Plastic This July (And Hopefully Forever)

Plastic Free July is a movement started to help build a community of support and ideas on cutting out single-use plastic. Learn 6 ways to live better for you and for the planet. Read more

Wildlife Facts

Australian Thorny Dragon, More than Just a Spiky Devil to Tiny Ants

This Australian Lizard has some impressive adaptations to help them survive the hard desert. Learn more about this tiny Thorny Devil from down under. Read more

About Us

Owner Jenny Curtis has had a passion for animals her entire life and has always been on the forefront of exotic animal care. She has worked with veterinarians, zoos and education/conservation companies.

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