Traveling Animals Strategic Trivia Family Board Game

$34.99 $44.95
  • The Traveling Animals game board features a map of the world crossed with actual global migration paths. Players can select an animal guide token and trek across their choice of migration paths while collecting colorful animal cards.
  • Traveling Animals is a fun and exciting new wildlife conservation board game for families and animal lovers alike!
  • Successfully answer the conservation questions while traveling the board collecting animal or world cards for each correct answer.
  • Winner of the Tillywig Best Family Fun award, the 2018 Teachers’ Choice Award for the Family and Creative Child Magazine’s 2017 Game of the Year/Product of the Year awards.
  • Game contents include a large 20” x 30” full color game board, 90 game cards (75 Animal Cards and 15 World Cards), 6 original sculpted animal token guides (Crocodile, Dolphin, Eagle, Lion, Penguin, and Rabbit), 1 card holder box, 1 rule booklet, and 1 8-sided die.

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