Traveling Animals Strategic Trivia Family Board Game

$26.99 $50.95
  • The Traveling Animals game board features a map of the world crossed with actual global migration paths. Players can select an animal guide token and trek across their choice of migration paths while collecting colorful animal cards.
  • Traveling Animals is a fun and exciting new wildlife conservation board game for families and animal lovers alike!
  • Successfully answer the conservation questions while traveling the board collecting animal or world cards for each correct answer.
  • Winner of the Tillywig Best Family Fun award, the 2018 Teachers’ Choice Award for the Family and Creative Child Magazine’s 2017 Game of the Year/Product of the Year awards.
  • Game contents include a large 20” x 30” full color game board, 90 game cards (75 Animal Cards and 15 World Cards), 6 original sculpted animal token guides (Crocodile, Dolphin, Eagle, Lion, Penguin, and Rabbit), 1 card holder box, 1 rule booklet, and 1 8-sided die.

Customer Reviews

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Margaret Slivinske
Traveling Animals

This is a great game, whether you play it with the board or just the cards. The questions make you think and I would guess it’s very fun and educational for all ages.

Joan Scott

We played it and enjoyed ourselves. We are not all animal lovers but there was enough strategy included that it was fun.

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