Migrating Traveling Animals Strategic Trivia Family Card Game or Expansion Pack

$21.99 $28.95
  • Migrating Traveling Animals is an exciting new version of the award winning Traveling Animals board game! This compact version of the game includes 14 new world cards and 75 animal cards with all new questions (including 10 new animals).
  • Also included in the card deck are 10 bonus cards and 10 hazard cards. It's the perfect game for stimulating fun while you explore the world around us!
  • These new cards can also be used as an expansion deck for the original game.
  • Become an animal conservationist by collecting "animal" and "world" cards while learning about animals! Features new questions about animals, wildlife conservation, and current global events.
  • An excellent travel companion! Perfect for families, animal lovers, and educators.

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