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Animal: Pony

Animals: African Wild Dog

Animals: Alligator/Crocodile

Animals: Alpacas/Llamas

Animals: Ant

Animals: Arctic Fox

Animals: Armadillo

Animals: Aye-Aye Lemur

Animals: Baboon

Animals: Bald Eagle

Animals: Barn Owl

Animals: Bats

Animals: Bears

Animals: Beavers

Animals: Bee

Animals: Black Bears

Animals: Black Lemur

Animals: Black Panthers

Animals: Black-and-White Ruffed Lemur

Animals: Black-Footed Penguin

Animals: Blue Morpho Butterfly

Animals: Blue Tang Fish

Animals: Blue Whale

Animals: Bobcat/Lynx

Animals: Buffalo/Bison

Animals: Bull

Animals: Burrowing Owl

Animals: Bushbaby

Animals: Butterflies

Animals: Camel

Animals: Capybara

Animals: Cattle

Animals: Cheetahs

Animals: Chicken

Animals: Chimps

Animals: Chipmunk

Animals: Clownfish

Animals: Collared Lemur

Animals: Coral

Animals: Cougar

Animals: Crabs

Animals: Dart Frog

Animals: Dolphins

Animals: Domestic Cats

Animals: Domestic Dogs

Animals: Ducks/Geese

Animals: Eagle

Animals: Eagle Owl

Animals: Echidna

Animals: Elephants

Animals: Fennec Foxes

Animals: Fish

Animals: Flamingos

Animals: Fox

Animals: Frogs

Animals: Gibbon

Animals: Giraffe

Animals: Goose

Animals: Gorillas

Animals: Great White Sharks

Animals: Grizzly Bears

Animals: Hammerhead Sharks

Animals: Harbor Seals

Animals: Harp Seals

Animals: Hedgehogs

Animals: Hippos

Animals: Horse

Animals: Humpback Whale

Animals: Hyena

Animals: Jellyfish

Animals: Kangaroo

Animals: Killer Whale

Animals: Kinkajou

Animals: Koalas

Animals: Komodo Dragon

Animals: Kookaburra

Animals: Lemurs

Animals: Leopards

Animals: Lions

Animals: Lizards

Animals: Llama

Animals: Lobster

Animals: Lynx

Animals: Macaw

Animals: Mammoths

Animals: Manatees

Animals: Meerkats

Animals: Monarch Butterfly

Animals: Monkeys

Animals: Moose

Animals: Mountain Lion

Animals: Narwhals

Animals: Octopus & Squid

Animals: Opossum

Animals: Orangutans

Animals: Oryx

Animals: Owls

Animals: Pandas

Animals: Pangolin

Animals: Parrots

Animals: Penguins

Animals: Pig

Animals: Platypus

Animals: Polar Bear

Animals: Puffin

Animals: Rabbits

Animals: Raccoons

Animals: Raven

Animals: Rays

Animals: Red Fox

Animals: Red Pandas

Animals: Rhinos

Animals: Ring-tailed Lemur

Animals: River Otters

Animals: Sand Cat

Animals: Scorpion

Animals: Sea Jellies

Animals: Sea Otters

Animals: Sea Stars

Animals: Sea Turtles

Animals: Seahorses

Animals: Seals & Sea Lions

Animals: Sharks

Animals: Sheep

Animals: Sifaka Lemur

Animals: Skunks

Animals: Sloths

Animals: Snakes

Animals: Snow Leopards

Animals: Snowy Owl

Animals: Spiders

Animals: Springbok

Animals: Squirrel Monkey

Animals: Stingray

Animals: Sugar Glider

Animals: T-Rex

Animals: Tarantula Spider

Animals: Tigers

Animals: Tortoise

Animals: Tree Frog

Animals: Turtles

Animals: Unicorn

Animals: Vervet Monkey

Animals: Walrus

Animals: Water Buffalo

Animals: Whales

Animals: White Tiger

Animals: Wolf

Animals: Wombat

Animals: Woolly Mammoth

Animals: Zebras

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